Saturday, April 26, 2008

University of Western Ontario (UWO, Western) Spring season

During winter time I have uploaded photos of UWO. The photos taken during winter might give the illusion that UoW (Waterloo) has a nicer campus than UWO. In fact it is not. I have shot some photos of UWO today, hope it gives you better clue of how UWO actually looks like.

The bridge that crosses the Thames River and leads to campus.

Ivey garden.

A clock tower inside campus.

UWO's iconic building.

The road junction that I have to cross everyday.

Campus police car.

The great hall.

A spot inside campus, without snow.

Department of Kinesiology.

Walk path in campus.

Thames River during Spring.

The house on the right is the house I am currently home-staying. On the left is my Canadian supervisor's house.

The front look of the house I am now staying.

Macro of some tulips around the house.

Royal Ontario Musuem (ROM) artifacts

就如我上個post所承諾的﹐在這裡奉上Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)安大略皇家博物院裡面的珍藏照片。








關二哥! (關老二﹕沒想到當年給老曹困在土山就算了﹐今時今日俺堂堂武神竟然給洋人困在玻璃箱裡...)


滿天神佛系列之二﹕ 玉帝﹑西王母及眾仙班。


侏羅紀系列之二﹕史前Alien。(個人覺得長得很像Alien VS Predator裡的Alien)






侏羅紀系列之八﹕“終身學習”篇。加拿大小學生活真是多姿多彩﹐他們正在學習考古﹐模擬把化石挖出來。西山無丁(馬來西亞教育部長﹐綽號日落西山﹐往來) 學學吧﹐辦個加拿大“考察”團不錯。不過小心別給反對黨“抓包”噢。=D






歐洲中古時期武士盔甲﹐讓我想起當年和玩的游戲﹕Conqueror 1086 A.D.。


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Toronto Downtown Day Trip

Last weekend I went to Toronto downtown. I visited Chinatown, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), and University of Toronto. Overall I think Toronto is a clean, vibrant and multi-cultural city. I just managed to visit the downtown core this time, I should pay Toronto another trip to explore more.

The CN Tower, located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a communications and tourist tower standing 553.33 metres (1,815.39 ft) tall.[1] This one is the highest in North America. It reminds me of our KL Tower.

Rogers Center. BTW, Rogers is the only GSM telco operator in Canada. This building is a multi-purpose stadium in the downtown Toronto, which has a fully-retractable motorized roof.

Canada Life building, at the University Ave. There are many historical buildings along this route.

A beautiful mansion.

Another historical building at the University Avenue.

Some people are demonstrating, demanding justice for Mumia Abu Jamal[2]. They also request Canada and US to retreat their military units from Afghanistan.

Chinatown! Toronto's Chinatown is supposed to be the 2nd largest in North America. So I have visited the largest one (SF,CA) and 2nd largest. ;-) I had a char-siew rice as lunch here. I have been deprived of Hong Kong style roasted pork for months. Never feel so good about this. It reminds me of Stephen Chow's "黯然銷魂飯" in the "食神" movie. Hehe...=D

Some photos of University of Toronto. The university is located right at the downtown and very close to the Chinatown! What a great location to study! =) Access to good food is VVI (Very very important) for people with "Chinese stomach 中國胃"... XD

University of Toronto entrance gate.

Some historical buildings of University of Toronto.

Queen's park in the middle of University of Toronto.

Another view of Queen's park.
A garden with lots of blue flower inside the Faculty of Music.

A snapshot of the University Avenue.

A small park inside the university.

Royal Ontario Museum, a nice museum which has many interesting artifacts. I should write another post to show some artifacts there.

Union Station (Train cum subway hub in the Downtown). The VIA signboard refers to VIA Rail Canada, the national rail operator of Canada. It is not the VIA from Taiwan,R.O.C that makes chips. =D

View inside Union Station.

[1] CN Tower website,