Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More San Francisco

Some more San Francisco photos.

At a beach near Pier 39

Another harbor with loads of boats.

Giant size roti in crocodile shape!

I thought "it" was statue at first. Then "it" turned out to be a real person as he started dancing! Gee, there are really a lot of geeks in the SF.

Cable car and track in close up view. On the left is the hotel I am staying.

San Francisco Civic Center (City Hall)

Asian Art Center outer view

A beautiful chapel near China town.

Union Square, shopping district with many five star brands

Sourdough bread bowl with San Francisco Wharf Clam Chowder, yummy..^_^

San Francisco is really a great place to visit. Kindly put this city to your list if you are coming to the States. ;-)

San Francisco (ISSCC 2008)

This year I spent my Chinese New Year in San Francisco, attending ISSCC conference. I found SF to be a beautiful city, the street view is interesting, but with a lot of homeless people. They will occasionally beg money from you, you could just shunt away and they will leave you alone.

Pier 1 Ferry building.

Weird sculptures at The Embarcadero Center.

Newspaper stall. Yep, unmanned. Put your quarters in, take the papers, and go.

China town entrance gate. Famous Dr Sun Yat Sen quote: "For the mankind". Yep, KuoMingTang (KMT) influence is strong here.

Chinese New Year booths, quite happening here.

Parade! And even got ang mo among the street parade team. ;-) America, a great melting port huh...

Chinese New Year carnival opening ceremony. From left to right: Typical organizer, Chinese Chamber chairman in SF; exec comm 1; the SF mayor; representative from event sponsor Southwest airlines; exec comm 2; and lastly, surprise surprise, the SF Police Chief, a Chinese lady that speaks Cantonese!

The Cable Car station. Right at the bottom of my hotel room, kinda noisy but I actually like the Ding Ding sound.
The conference entrance. The annual grand event for circuit designers.

That is all for now. More to come when I tidy up the photos.

University of Western Ontario (UWO, Western)

Here are some photos of my new university, The University of Western Ontario, located at London (Yep, there is another London in Canada), province of Ontario, Canada. I will be here for 5 months to come.. =) Basically in winter, the town snows every day. The campus itself is traditional British style and totally different from that of MMU.. (Sorry about technical difficulties to load the pictures, I reloaded them, so they should be fine now.)

The school front gateStudent dormitory
Thames river! (Scaled down version than UK's)
The school symbolic building.
The campus view. You can see snow is all over the place.
The Thompson Engineering Building, my new "FOE" building..^_^ The main difference is, the smartcard-based door security system actually works here! MMU one of course, are all in "maintenance mode"..=D
The engineering building lobby. They put big LCD screens to display their achievement, renowned alumnus,etc. Perhaps it is good idea MMU should copy this idea as well.
Finally, my new office/laboratory. No Windows PC here, all Unix machines. My Canadian supervisor, Dr Sobot is totally anti-MS. Sorry about that Bill, no fancy signature on the wall here. ;-)
More photos to come in future, watch this space.